Adding Referrals

Whether your club is running a referrals campaign, or a lead or a member wants to refer someone they know to your club, you have ways to track and link referrals in GymSales.

If you use a 3rd party referral software (Perkville, eGym/Netpulse, etc.), you can email [email protected] and request assistance integrating your account with GymSales so that referrals are imported and linked automatically. Please note that we do currently support integrations with some referral software but we may not have an integration for your partner at this time. If you email our helpdesk we can let you know either way.

In this article, we'll walk through how to add referrals manually in GymSales.

On the Client Profile, you have the option to Add Referrals. In order to ensure that the new lead is linked back to the original referring person, you will need to add their referrals by using this button. There is not a way to link two profiles in GymSales together if they've already been created in GymSales some other way (via the website, the Guest Waiver app, the "Add New Person" icon, online joiners, etc.). So the Add Referrals button should be used for creating new referral leads only (not used to link two existing leads/members in GymSales).

1. Navigate to the Client Profile of the original lead or referral (the primary person, who is referring someone they know). You can find their profile using the search window in the Tool Bar by looking up their name, email, or phone number.

2. Click Add Referrals. Fill out the form with their Name, Contact Info, and even a Note if needed. You can use Assign Salesperson to assign these new leads to yourself or to another member of your sales team.

3. Click Save, and the new referral leads will be created. You can see on the primary member's profile that they have referred two people

Click View to see who they have referred. The names here are hyperlinks that will take you to the referred person's own Client Profile.

You will now see that this has created a new Client Profile for a lead with the Contact Method "Referral" and the Marketing Source "Referral - POS". This information will help you find your Referrals and take action later on using the People tab (for example, if you want to send an SMS or schedule a Call for all of your new referrals added this month, etc.). You can even track your Referrals and Referrals per Sale as metrics in the Salesperson Report!

You have now created a new referral lead!

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