Assigning a Salesperson/Lead Owner

In GymSales we use Salesperson/Lead Owner interchangeably. A lead in GymSales can be manually assigned from the Client Profile page or from the People Tab. You can bulk assign or bulk reassign leads from the People tab. Depending on your user permissions (Role), GymSales users have different abilities when it comes to lead ownership. A record is stored in the history section of the Client Profile whenever an update is made to lead ownership.

Organizational Manager: Can modify any people, but does not appear as a member of the team to be assigned leads or shown in calendar/filters, etc. Can change company settings for the organization and any of the clubs under the organization. The Organizational Manager is also able to create, edit, delete and reorder SS rules for Groups and clubs under them.

Regional Manager: Assign leads to other salespeople or reassign salesperson. Regional Managers can't assign leads to themselves.

Club Manager/Salesperson: Assign leads to themselves, assign leads to other salespeople, reassign salesperson.

Salesperson Restricted: Reassign or remove leads that you currently own. You will lose access to reassigned/removed leads.

1. Go to the Client Profile page of a lead.

2. Click the Assign Salesperson field to view the drop down menu.

3. Select the Salesperson.


To Change a Salesperson, repeat steps 1 - 3.

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