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The Basics

Looking for a place to start?

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Why read the book when you can watch the movie?

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Setting Up Your Account

Everything you need to know to set up your account

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Managing Your Leads

Learn how to log calls, send messages, manage your follow-ups, and more!

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Menu & Notification Bar

Learn about notifications, key tools, and how to access and update your settings.

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Tasks & Appointments

Become a pro at managing your workflow

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How to log & schedule calls, plus more features that make calling a breeze

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Learn how to message through GymSales and read up on our best practices and tips!

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Automations & Templates

Templates for consistency, Automations for efficiency

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Managing Your Data

Learn how to maintain good data, how to find people, how to export data, and more

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Get the full scoop on our reports: which ones to use when, and how to read them!

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Guest Waiver App

Guest registration just got a whole lot easier. How to download and configure our app

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Admin/Company Settings

All things account settings - we'll show you where and how to make some changes

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GymSales Integrations

See which third party applications we can Integrate with (and how to do it)

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Product Updates

Click here to see what's new!

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