How Do I Create an Automated Item


Using Automated Items in GymSales will help with the execution of your sales plan. From reminders prompting your salespeople to follow up with a prospect, to automatically sending out texts and emails at the end of your prospect's trial period. Your entire sales plan can be inputted into GymSales to ensure a smooth execution by your entire team.

The next few articles will provide examples of automated items throughout different stages of the sales process while the instructions below will take you to the automated items.

1. Go to Company Settings.

2. On the left side of the page, click Automated items > Add New Item.

 The New automated item page will appear. Below are descriptions of each option for creating automated items.

Status - choose the status of the lead you would like to create the item for (enquiry, tour, trial, sale, not interested)

Rules - add conditional events, such as an appointment being booked, to start or stop the item

  • Starts When: Spoke to, Appointment Booked, Appointment Did not Show
  • Stops When: Spoke to, Appointment Booked, Appointment Did not Show

Contact Methods - optionally, narrow your automated item to only apply to certain contact methods(single or multiple)

Only if Person has any tags from List

Run at - send immediately, or schedule after a certain amount of time, once requirements are met

Kind -

  • Create Call
  • Create ToDo
  • Send SMS
  • Send Email

Label - identify the item in your list of automated items, to help you stay organized(e.g. 3-day Check-in or Thanks for Joining!)

Description - leave a note for why you created the rule or to warn other manager users to ask before making changes

Automated Item Examples:

Automated Item - Enquiry

Automated Item - Trial

Automated Item - Sale

Automated Item - Tour

Automated Items Filtering

Search through your list of Automated Items with ease by selecting single or multiple filter options to narrow your shown items

Status -  Filter leads by their status within the sale process (enquiry, tour, trial, sale, not interested)

Kind - Filter your items by "kind' of Automated Item (Call, ToDo, SMS, Email)

Contact Method - Search for Automated  Items by assigned Contact Method

Marketing Source -  Search for Automated  Items by assigned Marketing Sources

Tags - Search for Automated  Items by assigned Tags

Additional Resources:

Pausing & Duplicating Automated items

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