How Do I Create Email or SMS Templates


Templates are pre-written messages within GymSales that can be sent to your leads manually within the client's profile or automatically via Automated Items. This helps with ensuring that all your messages to clients are uniform and that all the right information is forwarded per your sales team's process or automated drip campaigns.

Creating a Template

1. Go to  Company Settings.

2. On the admin panel select  Templates.

3. Click  Add New Templates.

4. New template editor will appear.


Select if this template will only be available for the companies you have access to or to all companies in the group. This option will only appear if you have Group Template access. 


Select the Companies that the template will be available for


Email or Text Message Template


The lead status you want this template to be available for. For example: If you have a "Thank you for inquiring" email template, you would only want this template to be available for the Enquiry stage. The purpose of this is to ensure your salespeople will send out the correct emails to their leads.


A brief summary or name of this template


The subject of the email. You can use [person.first_name] in the subject line to add personalization.


Type the body of the email in this section. Click on [Insert Merge Field] to add personalization to the email. 

For Emails only: Click on the image icon to add pictures.

6. Click  Save.

7. Your template will appear.

Merge Fields

Use merge fields to auto-populate certain information in the templates. Below is a list you can personalize. For example, you can place a  merge field in a template so that the greeting includes the recipient's name rather than a generic “Hello!”. It would look like "Hello [person.first_name]"


First Name, Last Name, Email


First Name, Last Name, Email, Home Phone, Mobile, Trial End, Referral First Name, Referral Last Name


Name, Email, Phone, Address, City, State, Postal

How To Add An Image (For emails only) 

1. Click on the image  icon in the new template editor.

2. The  Image Properties will appear.

3. Click  Browse Server.

4. The  Files Manager will appear.

5. Click  Upload.

6.  Select the file of the picture you want to use.

7. Click on the  image you want to use.

8. Adjust the size of the image, click Ok.

9. Your image will appear.

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