Pause, Restore & Duplicate Automated Items


This article is to help you learn how to pause, restore, and copy automated items. (To learn how to create automated items, please check out this help article.) 

* Note: if your club is part of a group of sites that use GymSales, and you need help pausing Group Automated Items, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

The purpose of these features is to make utilizing automated items easier, so let's dive in! 

Pausing Automated items

1. Go to Company Settings

2. On the left side of the page, click Automated items 

From here you have the option to 'Pause All' which will pause all the automated items, or you can click the pause icon next to the specific automated item you'd like to pause. 

Once you have chosen to either 'Pause All' or pause a specific automated item you will be prompted with the option to 'remove' the items from the prospect's profile. 

3. Chose if you'd like to remove the pending items

4. Show: Paused to see a list of items that have been paused.

Restoring Automated items

Need to restore automated items that are paused? From the same screen in  Company Settings where you paused automated items:

1. Click 'Restore All' at the top right of the screen to restore all automated items that are paused.

2. Click the looped arrow button next to any individual automated item to restore only that specific automated item.

Duplicating Automated items

Creating a bunch of similar automated items? Use the duplicate option to make the process quicker and more efficient! (Example: Setting up follow up calls for new leads day 1,3,5 - create the automated item and duplicate it and simply update the DateTime

Follow steps 1 & 2 above to get to the automated items section. 

1. Click the duplicate icon next to the automated item you want to duplicate

2.  Chose to update whatever fields you'd like (you'll notice the settings are all the same initially) 

For more examples on Automated items please check out our Automations & Templates section here

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