Configuring Guest Waiver App Settings

The GymSales Guest Waiver app allows you to capture your visitors' information using a simple sign-in process on a tablet. Their information will be captured straight into GymSales so that your sales team can easily follow up on any potential sales.

In this article, we'll explain the different options for configuring the app, as well as different ways it can be customized for your facility. For a detailed overview of how the app works, please see: Guest Waiver App Overview

To configure the app settings for your club, you will need to navigate to:

Company Settings > Sign-in App Settings

Below are the basic configuration options within GymSales for the app:

By default, the app will collect at minimum a person's name (first & last), mobile phone number, and email address. Other optional fields that you can choose to collect and configure include: 

  • How Did you Hear About Us? - their response will be logged as the Marketing Source in reporting and on their Client Profile.
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Request Marketing Permission - this is asked separately for both Email and SMS marketing.

Below is a full list of the customizable app settings:


Set the background color of your Guest Waiver App


Use the “Choose File” button to upload an image for the opening screen of the Guest Waiver app/Online Scheduler. The files must be less than 1 MB in size and at least 500px wide. 

Legal Agreement Text

Enter the liability waiver text that your guests will review and sign before visiting or using the club

Hide Skip Photo Button

When selected, your guests will be required to take a photo on the tablet before completing the sign in

Ask “How Did You Hear About Us?”

This setting allows you to use pre-selected marketing sources for your leads to confirm the source of their inquiry.  Further information on this feature can be found here

Ask Address

When enabled, this prompts your leads to enter their address information. The app uses Google services to auto-complete the address. If the address is not found, the app allows for manual entry of the address.

Ask for Date of Birth

Requires your leads to provide their date of birth. Their age will then be calculated and displayed on their Client Profile in GymSales.

Hide Skip Photo Button

By checking this, you will require that your visitors take a photo before finishing sign-in.

Request Marketing Permission

This setting allows leads to opt in our out of SMS and email messaging while signing in.

If you enable this setting, you have the ability to add further terms, conditions, and release of liability, specifically in relation to SMS and Email communications. See Additional SMS/Email Terms below

*It is important to note that this function will also opt-out your prospects by default. So, if your prospects would like to opt-in for Email and SMS they will need to select the relevant checkboxes when signing in. Or, to ensure a higher opt-in rate, you can use the Default to Opt-In setting, as outlined below

Default to Opt-in

If you have Request Marketing Permission selected, you can help ensure better Opt-in rates using Default to Opt-in. By default, a lead will be opted in for email and SMS messaging when they provide their information. They will have the option to deselect the checkbox and opt themselves out while signing in. 

*In this instance, your leads will have to uncheck the boxes for SMS and E-mail opt-in if they wish to be opted out

Additional SMS/Email Terms

This is where you will enter any additional terms, conditions, or release of liability in relation to Marketing Permission


The GymSales Guest Waiver app can be displayed in multiple languages. Using this feature will display your app in another language that suits the requirements of your leads. At this time, only one Locale can be in use per account.  

Activation code

When you install the app on your tablet, you'll be prompted to provide an activation code. This code will link your device with your GymSales account.  If you have multiple locations, please note that each has a unique activation code.

Static QR Code

GymSales also has an option for a "Static" QR code. This is suitable for clients who don't have iOS or Android devices to download the GymSales Guest Waiver App. 

The benefit of a static QR code is it can be printed and displayed in a centralised location at reception given the QR code does not get regenerated. 

To generate your static QR code simply follow the below instructions:

  1. Open Company Settings > Sign in App Settings

  2. Ensure you have set your Guest Waiver settings (Image, Logo, Waiver) as per usual. Once this is complete, scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  3. Click "Create Static QR Code"
    This will then automatically generate a new QR code for you. 
  4. Save the QR code to your device. Right-click > Save As
  5. Once your image is saved you will then be able to print this off or insert this image into any marketing collateral.
  6. To regenerate a new QR code simply click "Delete Static QR Code" then follow steps 1 - 5 again. 

Ways to further customize your visitors' sign-in experience:

You can also customize the options for the opening screen:  What would you like to do? The default response options are: 

  • I'm visiting as a Guest: this creates a new lead with the Contact Method "Guest Visit"
  • I'm interested in Joining: this creates a new lead with the Contact Method "Walk-in", and puts a Walk-in event on your GymSales Calendar
  • To replace these or to add additional options, please contact [email protected]. There is a 25-character limit (including spaces) on custom response options

You can also include a brief visitor survey to asses guests' interests and needs upon sign-in. To set up a custom questionnaire for your app, please contact [email protected].

How to set up the Guest Waiver App at your facility

These links will guide you through the process of downloading and configuring the Guest Waiver App, depending on the device you use:

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