Guest Waiver - Marketing Source

Our Guest Waiver now has the ability to track "Marketing Source". When a prospect enters their information in the Guest Waiver App they will be prompted to provide "How they heard about us".  This source will then automatically populate on their Client Profile. 

There are two steps needed to get this set up

1. Update the app to ask the question

2. Add the sources/ options you want to be displayed

To Update the App

Step 1 - Open "Company Settings"

Step 2 - Open "Sign-in App Settings"

Step 3 - Select "Ask How Did You Hear About Us"

To select the sources to be displayed in the app:

Step 1 - Open "Company Settings"

Step 2 Open "Marketing Sources"

Step 3 Select which marketing source you want dispalyed and click 'show in the guest waiver app'

**Note** You will need to refresh the app (hard close it or reset the device) 

When the client signs in moving forward they will see the following:

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