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Move your efficiency into high gear with GymSales' Add-On Features. The Add-On Features can help you save time and money by enabling these options within a single application, eliminating the need for 3rd party apps and the need to integrate them with GymSales. Reach out to our support team for further details around pricing and how you can have these features enabled for your company. 

Online Scheduling

Our Online Scheduling feature will allow you to send your leads an E-mail or SMS with a unique URL that will allow them to book an appointment with your sales team. This puts your leads in control of booking their appointments during a time that suits their schedules best. 

Send an SMS or email with the Booking Link:

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 11.38.49 AM.png

Your leads will be prompted to pick an available time slot on the booking page and confirm: 

Once booked, they will be taken to a screen that confirms the time, date, location and phone number.

The appointments will populate in the Calendar as well as the Activity section of the client's profile. Further Instructions on the Online Scheduling feature can be found here

GymSales Dialer

Directly dial your leads from within GymSales with the ability to review those calls for further clarification around your lead's interests and fitness needs. The GymSales Dialer has two additional functions that can assist you in this area.

  • Call Recording  - This feature will allow you to playback your calls with clients and are stored in the Company Settings > Calls section of the menu. 
  • Transcription to Text - All calls using this feature are also transcribed to text and are saved in the History section of the profile page. 

Further information on the GymSales Dialer and its features can be found here.

Bulk SMS/Bulk E-Mail

Use the People tab filter to send an SMS or E-mail campaign to all or only certain prospects based on your needs. The Bulk feature allows you to send a single message to large groups of leads to reach your needed audience for special offers, special events, or club announcements. Create a message to be sent on the spot or to be scheduled for a future date. 

  • Bulk SMS

The messages are calculated to show how many leads are included, how many characters long the SMS is, and how many SMS Credits will be charged in the campaign.

The success of SMS campaigns can be further tracked by accessing the Bulk SMS report to confirm opt-outs, credits used, appointments made in the last 30 days, or sales in the last 30 days of the campaign. 

  • Bulk Email

Bulk Emails are charged per email sent. The below screen when sending a Bulk Email will advise how many total emails will be sent and charged for the current campaign. 

The Bulk Email report is similar to the Bulk SMS report and can also assist you in confirming the success of your email campaigns. 

Further details around these features can be found within the following links. Bulk Email / Bulk SMS

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