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GymSales has a premium add-on feature that will allow you to call your leads within the application. This built-in dialer allows you to complete your calls through GymSales, and automatically records and transcribes each call to text so you can refer back to previous conversations any time you like. 

This document will walk you through how to use this feature, review your recorded calls, and find the transcribed text. If you'd like to enable this feature for your account, please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Using the GymSales Dialer

Once this feature is enabled, you can use it to call your lead either from their Client Profile or from the Today Tab.

Using the GymSales Dialer on the Client Profile:

1. Navigate to the Client Profile of the lead you'd like to call.

2. Click 'Dial' to call the lead's listed phone number. If the phone number is not available, the 'Dial' option will also not be available on the screen. 

3. Once the call is answered, the system will show the duration of the call at the top of the screen

5. To end the call, select the above-pictured button at the top of the screen. 

6. When the call ends, you will be prompted to finish logging the call outcome. Don't skip this crucial step - logging calls will give you the whole picture of a lead's journey with you, and help you accurately determine who needs a follow-up.

Using the GymSales Dialer on the Today Tab:

1. Find the follow-up call you wish to complete. Click the checkbox to open the task.  

2. On the call pop-up, click 'Call' and select the phone number you wish to call. This will action the GymSales Dialer and initiate a call to the lead through GymSales.

3. Follow the same steps #3-6 as shown above under Using the GymSales Dialer on the Client Profile. Rinse and repeat, until all of your follow-up calls on the Today tab are complete! :)

How to Access and Review Recorded Calls

1. Navigate to the Company Settings

2. Click Calls to review your recorded calls

3. Use the icons shown below to play and stop the selected recording. 

4. You can also use filters to find and review specific types of calls. 

  • Filter by Direction will allow you to filter by either Inbound or Outbound recorded calls. 
  • Filter by Status will filter your calls by the status of the call (Completed, In Progress, No Answer)

How to Access and Review Call Transcriptions

Your calls will automatically be transcribed to text. Depending on the length of the call, transcription can up to one minute to be completed. The transcription can be found on the Client Profile for the lead you have called, within the History feed. You may need to refresh your browser in order for the transcription to appear.

As with all activities completed in GymSales, the transcription will also appear on the News Feed on your home page for the next 30 days. However, it is easiest to find transcribed calls for a specific person on their own Client Profile.


  • The GymSales Dialer is designed to work only with the Google Chrome browser and is not supported under other browsers. 
  • The GymSales Dialer uses your computer's hardware for audio output and input. If purchasing a headset, please ensure that the headset is compatible with your system's input/output ports. If you have a single port for audio input/output, you should be able to use any 3.55 mm headset with a microphone that can be used with your mobile devices. Below are a few recommended headsets that we have successfully tested.  Please feel free to reach out to the support team here if you experience any issues. 

3.55 mm Jack Headset for Single Port Audio Input/Output 

3.55 mm 2 x Jack Headset for Separate Audio Input/Outport Ports

USB Headset

  • Call Recording and/or Transcription can be disabled if you wish with the assistance of our support team. Please reach out to us here if these options must be disabled for your company. 

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