What Is The Guest Tab

GymSales can keep track of who's checked into your club location using our GymSales Guest Waiver appVisitors who check in through the app are listed in your Guest Tab within GymSales.

The Guest Dashboard will show the following:

  • Name - People who signed in today through the app.
  • Signed In - Time of sign In
  • Type - Reason for sign in
  • Source - A check mark will appear if a marketing source is added to the person's profile. Click Add to add a marketing source.
  • Salesperson - A check mark will appear if a salesperson is assigned. Click Add to assign a salesperson.
  • Notes - A check mark will appear if a Notes are added to the person's profile. Click Add to add notes.
  • Next Action - Allows you to add a call reminder, book an appointment, or create a ToDo task.

Color Scheme
The color scheme indicates outcomes of each visit. Each person in your guest tab will be shown with the relevant color.


Vist Type Counter
The number next to the visit type will appear and adjust accordingly.


Filter Ranges
Use the filter ranges to quickly find your visitors. Last 2 hours is the default so you can easily find your visitors


Visit Types
Appointment - The person exists in GymSales already and has an appointment in the calendar today.
Trial Visit - The person exists in GymSales already and is in the status of Trial and has no appointment today
Walk-in - The person has selected 'I'm interested in Joining' on the tablet
Guest-Visit - The person has selected 'I’m here for a guest visit' on the tablet

Note:  By default, the source will be  Visitor  Registration App.

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