"Kiosk" Mode


An iPad can be made into a “kiosk” device–a tablet restricted to one specific app, in this case the GymSales Guest Waiver App. This iPad setting is called Guided Access. When activated the only way to exit the app is to enter a passcode.

Guided Settings

1. Go to your iPad settings.



2. Select General > Accessibility.


3. Select Guided Access


4. Turn on Guided Access. Select Passcode Settings.


5. Select Set Guided Access Passcode and enter a passcode.


Activating Guided Access

1. Open GymSales Guest Waiver App.

2. Click the home button 3 times.

Guided Access mode is activated


Turning Off Guided Access

1. Click the home button 3 times.

2. Enter passcode.

3. On the upper left hand corner tap End.


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