GymSales Reports

GymSales provides the following reports. NOTE: All reports are for a single location except where listed otherwise.

Lead Status Lead Allocations Report SMS messages User statistics
Salespersons Productivity Bulk SMS Company statistics
Sales KPI Bulk E-mail Deleted people
Exceptions Appointments People activity Secondary Sales
Not Interested Calls activity Tag Report Referrals
Marketing Report Email messages

The following features are common across all reports.

  • The Filter allows you to change the date range and options for the report.

  • Clicking Download will create an Excel file of the report.

  • Clicking many (but not all) of the column headings will allow you to sort the data in the table by that column in ascending or descending order.

Lead Status

A list of all the new leads entered. The date filters on this report are the created date of the person.

By default, the graph shows the Contact Method.

Placing your cursor over each colored section on the graph shows you more detail.
Selecting Filter and changing the Report Type to Source will change the graph.

Below the graph is a summary of data

Lead Status Multi Club Report

This report shows new leads generated across all your locations.
Like the lead status report, the filters are based upon the created date of the leads. The data in this report can be viewed By Region (you can group your sites into regions by updating company settings - reporting region).

This grouping will show you each location and the channels that are driving leads. 

Or by Contact Method, where you can drill into marketing sources and location and see the current status of each lead and the closing %.


This report shows salesperson activity and conversion metrics. By default it's a single location report. You can change the report type in the top right-hand side.

  • Detail - Shows Salespeople and totals for each location.
  • Summary - Summary per location.

The following table provides a description of the report fields and sample data.

Field Sample Data Description
Contact Attempts 1866 Number of phone calls attempted to people in the status of Enquiry, Tour, or Trial
Contacts 805 Number of spoke to phone calls for people in the status of Enquiry, Tour, or Trial
Appointments (A1) 98 Appointments booked for the same day
Appointments (A2) 50 Appointments booked for the next day
Appointments Other (A3) 28 Appointments booked for any future day
Total Appointments Booked 190 Total Appointments booked
Contact to Appointment Ratio 24% Appointments booked / Contacts 
Appointments Today 175 How many appointments were scheduled to occur (in the range being filtered based upon the appointment date/time)
Show Up 120 Number of these Appointments with outcome Not No-Show  (they were Sale, No Sale, Trial)
Show Ratio 69% Show up / Appointments
Appointment Sales 98 Number of these appointments with outcome Sale
Appointment Close Ratio 82% Sales / Show up 
Walk Ins 35 Number of people who walked in and asked prices (appointment type 'Walk-in'
Walk in Sales 28 Number of walk-ins with outcome 'Sale'
Walk-In Close Ratio 80% Walk-in sales / Walk Ins
Total Sales 126 Appointment Sales + Walk in Sales
Total Close Ratio 81% (Appointment Sales + Walk in Sales) / (Appointments + Walk Ins)
Personal Training Sold 23 Not relevant to you
Referrals From POS 195 Number of New Leads created using the Add Referral option in GymSales 
Referrals Per sale 1.55 Referrals / Sales
New Leads 430 Total number of new leads in the reporting period 
Service Calls 17 Number of calls with outcome spoke-to made to people with status of Sale
Service Call Attempts 20 Number of calls attempted to people with status of Sale


List of people who have sold during the date range. Based upon the sale date of the person.
There's a pie chart and a summary of data.


Most GymSales reports show what has been completed. The Exceptions report shows you what your team isn't doing. In this report you can see Uncontacted Internet Leads, Unread SMS Messages, Unread Emails, Overdue Calls, and Un-completed Appointments.

This report can be used to view a single location or multi-site. There are no date filters: the report shows the current state only.

Not Interested

List of people who have status of Not Interested and were changed to this status during the date range.

The graph shows a summary of the reasons. Similar to the lead status report, this can be grouped by contact method or marketing source.

Below is a summary of data.

Marketing Report

A list of all the new leads entered. The date filters on this report are the created date of the person.

Lead Allocations Report

This report shows a summary of just the internet leads to ensure they are being evenly distributed across your team.  The report shows the number and % allocated to each team member as well as their closing rate.   The date filter is the created date of the person.


A single consolidated report of New Leads, Calls Completed, Appointments booked, Appointments Completed, SMS, email to view the detail minute by minute what is happening each day (for the single location).


Reports on Location or individual KPI's. Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Green if the target was met, Orange if it was missed.


List of all appointments during the period.

The graph is grouped by salesperson and status.

There is also a table of data showing the same information and the show % and close %

There are a range of different filters on this report

The date selected can be the date the appointment was scheduled to occur (start date) or the date it was booked.

You can also filter on salesperson or appointment type.

Appointment Types include:

  • Booked Tours - appointments scheduled in advance
  • Walk-ins - appointments that were not scheduled in advance, the lead showed up at the club for a tour
  • Appointment Buy-backs - if a lead had a Booked Tour visit previously any time in the past 30 days and returns for a subsequent visit, GymSales counts that as an "Appointment Buy-back". Any outcome is attributed toward the original visit, so close % is not impacted.
  • Walk-in Buy-backs - if a lead had a Walk-in visit previously any time in the past 30 days and returns for a subsequent visit, GymSales counts that as an "Walk-in Buy-back".  Any outcome is attributed toward the original visit, so close % is not impacted.

Calls activity

This report provides a list of all the calls completed during the selected period. It has the following filters.

  • Date from/Date into: Date range during which the call(s) were completed.
  • Salesperson: The user that completed the call(s).
  • Outcome: View calls with a specific Outcome: Spoke to, No Answer, Left Message.
  • Status: Lead Status of the people that were called.
  • Related To: View calls related to a specific sales funnel - Membership or any Secondary Sales funnels (if using). The default view of the report (without this filter applied) will show all calls during the date range related to any sales funnel.

Email messages

List of emails sent during the period.

SMS messages

List of SMS messages sent during the period.

Tag Report

Graph and summary of tags used applied to people and the status of those people.

Filter is based upon the created date of the person.

This report is a summary only and not intended to be used as a sales report as a person can have more than  1 tag and could be counted multiple times.

User statistics

Shows usage of GymSales during the period specified. Can be viewed for a single location or multi-location.

Deleted People

A list of the people who have been deleted during the date range.

This report also gives you the option of un-deleting them.


This is a single location report that contains essentially the same data as the Lead Status report and the Salesperson report by in a day by day graphical view.

It can be viewed by last 30 days or any previous month and filtered by salesperson.

The report can be downloaded to PDF.   NOTE: This report cannot yet be scheduled to be sent via email.

The first section of the report shows the key conversion rates. Each bar represents one day of the month.

Selecting the gear icon in the top-right you can set targets.

New Leads created each day for each contact method.

Secondary Sales Report

The Secondary Sales Report has two elements:
  • Point of Sale Pie Chart – Specifically tracks Secondary Sale opportunities that are created at the point of Membership Sale. If one or more Secondary Sale types have been added to members at the point of Membership Sale during the given date range, the pie chart will be updated according to which statuses the leads currently have for the Secondary Sale types (at time of viewing the report).
  • Post Sales Activity Tracker – Tracks the activities completed by each user that are “Related to" any Secondary Sale Type. Use the Date filter to display only activities completed during a chosen date range (Date from, Date into).
The Filter on the report allows you to specify a date range as well as to isolate and focus on one particular Salesperson user, and/or one particular Secondary Sale type. If no filter is applied, then data associated with all Salesperson users and Secondary Sales types for the given date range will be included in both report elements by default.

For more information, see the Secondary Sales Report article.


This report shows the name of the referring member as well as the name of the person they referred for the selected time frame.

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