How Do I Manage Tags

In GymSales, Tags allow you to organize and search for your leads by their interests, needs, or other criteria. Think of them like hashtags on social media, grouping any leads with the same Tag together. You can add Tags to one individual lead at a time, and you can also add Tags to groups of multiple leads at once. 

If you want to view or manage the list of Tags in use for your account, you can do this in your Company Settings.

1. Go to Company Settings.

2. On the admin panel select  Tags.

3. Here you can view the entire list of Tags in use for your account. You can see each Tag name and how many people are associated with each Tag. There are also two Tag Functions you can perform here: Merge and Delete.

Use the Merge function to consolidate misspelled or similarly named tags. You can read more about how to merge Tags here

Delete tags out of GymSales. This option will remove the tag out of GymSales. Leads that had the Tag prior to deletion will no longer have the Tag applied.

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