How Do I Merge Tags

Tags can be merged to consolidate your list of Tags and what leads are associated with them. This is commonly performed in the case of misspelled, similarly named, or redundant Tags. 

It is important to review the Tags list periodically to ensure accurate information. This can help ensure that your reports filtered by Tag, as well as your 'People' tab searches by Tag, are accurately pulling the data needed.  

In the scenario shown below, the Tags 'Wait Training' and 'Weight Training' need to be consolidated. 'Wait Training' will need to be removed and all leads reassigned to 'Weight Training'. 

1. Click User  Menu > Company Settings.

2. Click  Tags. The Tag management page will appear.

3. Click the Merge icon of the tag you want to merge. This is the Tag you want to get rid of.

4. Then click Merge into field and select the Tag you want to merge into. This is the Tag you wish to keep

6. Tick box to confirm.

7. Click Save.

Now that the above steps have been completed, the 'Wait Training' Tag has been removed from GymSales and all leads previously associated with it will be now tagged with 'Weight Training'.

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