Tool Bar Overview

The Tool Bar is located at the top of your screen that provides tools to notify you of incoming messages, search for people, and add new leads into GymSales.

Add New Person
Click on this icon to add a lead manually into GymSales

New Incoming Lead
Alerts you with the number of new incoming leads. To clear this notification you need to log some form of manual communication: log a call, or send an SMS/ Email. (Automated messages will not clear the notification). This icon will not appear unless you have webleads. 

Guests in Club
Alerts you with the number of people who have signed in on the Guest Waiver for the day. They clear EOD

Incoming Text Messages (SMS)
Alerts you with the number of unread text messages. Clear by clicking 'Mark as read' 

Incoming Emails
Displays the number of unread emails. Clear by clicking 'Mark as read' 

Calendar booking notification
Displays the number of appointments booked online using one of our integrated partners. Clear by clicking 'Mark as read' 

Recent List
Displays a list of leads with activity sorted by the most recent on the top.

Search Bar
A quick way to search for a person in the database. It is a minimal search, you can search by partial name or phone number

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