Adding a Tag

Much like hashtags on social media, GymSales has Tags that let you group your leads and members together by similar interests and criteria.

How to Add a New Tag

1. Open a lead's Client Profile page.

2. Click on the Type tags field, and just start typing.

3. After typing in your tag, press enter to complete.

How to Add an Existing Tag

Once you have added a new Tag on one profile it then becomes available to use on any other leads in your account. Just click in the Type Tags window, and now you can search and select an existing Tag from the dropdown:

GymSales Tips

  • Add as many tags as you would like. If you've added too many Tags, or if you have duplicates, you can always Merge Tags to do some cleanup in your Company Settings
  • Use Tags to group leads and members together by similar interests and criteria
  • You can find these groups of people later by using a Tags filter on the People tab
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