Setting Up KPI

Key Performance Indicators

The KPI's are a company's defined set of targets for the entire company or users to attempt to reach during a specified date range (Day, Week, Month) 

Navigating to the KPI

1. Navigate to the menu and select  Company Settings

2. Select KPI on the left-hand side of the page

3. Select Add New KPI to create new targets

Available Fields:

  • KPI is a listing of available Key Performance Indicators to choose from to set targets for your company or users for the KPI period ( Day, Week, Month).
- % of Tours to Sales - % of Tour appointments that have an outcome of sale
- Number of new Enquiries added - # of leads created during the period
- Number of Sales - measured by Person Status moving to Sale
- Total number of Calls completed - All completed calls regardless of the outcome
- Total number of Calls completed with status successful - Total # of calls completed as "Spoke To"
- Number of Appointments Booked - Based on the appointment time
- Number of Appointments Completed - Number of appointments completed with the exception of "No Shows"
- % of Appointments where member showed up compared with total number of appointments scheduled - % of Leads that showed to all appointments (Does not include Non-Sales Appointments)
- % of New Enquiries to Tours Booked. - % of new leads that have booked appointments for the period
- Time (in hours) to First Contact Attempt
- Time (in hours) to first appointment booked
- Time (in hours) to first appointment attended
- Contact to Appointment Ratio
- Calls attempted for people in status Enquiry/Tour/Trial

- Calls completed outcome Spoke to for people in status Enquiry/Tour/Trial
  • Display Name is the name that will show for your KPI throughout GymSales

Company and User Targets

Set your Daily, Weekly, or Monthly targets by inserting the ideal goal number in the Targets column for your Company and Users Targets.  

Only Company Targets can be configured to show within the KPI dashboard within the News Feed tab. 

Otherwise, you can track your KPI numbers by running the KPI Report located in the Reports tab > More > KPI. 

The KPI report will show you all created KPI or can be filtered by User to report on a single Salesperson.

If you have any further questions regarding KPI, please reach out to the support team here

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