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GymSales has multiple features to monitor your lead's progress through the sales pipeline.  The Newsfeed tab is a great central starting point to see information regarding many of GymSale's facets.

Please keep in mind that your view of the News Feed tab will be determined by your application access. If you're on a restricted view, you will only see activity relating to you as an individual (not the entire club). As a Club Manager, you will be able to see all activity for all leads. 

News Feed

The News Feed portion of this screen will provide you with the latest actions or messages sent/received for all leads and is displayed in descending order. The News Feed will only reflect information for the last 30 days.  Clicking on the leads highlighted name to open the profile page or hover the cursor over the time frame to see the exact time of the transaction.


The People tab can be filtered by date range to provide you with the following information per status. Selecting the total (in blue) will lead you to the corresponding report with the selected date range to provide you further details on the totals. 

  • Enquiries

The Enquiries total will provide you with all leads created during the date range selected. This information is also based on the Lead Status Report total shown below.

  • Tours

The Tours total is based on the start date of appointments with an outcome of Sale, No Sale, or Trial. This total is based on the Appointments report configured with the below Filter settings.

  • Sale

This total is based on the start date of the lead appointments that have an outcome of Sale. This information is also captured from the appointments report with the same date range selected and the outcome of Sale selected in the Filter


The Activity section will provide the details around your sales team's follow-up with leads and the scheduled booked tours created for the date range specified.  Selecting the total (in blue) will also lead you to the corresponding report for the totals. 

  • Attempted Calls & Spoke to

These totals provide you with the calls that have a start date within the date range specified. The Attempted calls will return ALL call attempts while the Spoke to total will only return leads that have calls with an outcome of  'Spoke to'. Both totals are based on the Calls Report pictured below. 

Attempted Calls:

Spoke to:

  • SMS

The SMS total will provide the number of all inbound and outbound text created during the date range. The report details are derived from the SMS Messages Report. 

  • Email

This total reflects all outbound emails from GymSales and is based on the Outbound Email Messages report

  • Total Appointments Booked

This total is based on the date the booked appointments were created and not the start date of the appointment. 


A booked tour was created on April 20th (created date) for an appointment start date (date of the appointment) of June 6th. The Total Appointment Booked report would only populate this appointment if the date range of the report included April 20th. 

Sales Funnel, Leads by Contact Method, and Leads by Marketing Source

The below portions of the News Feed are based on the last 30 days and are not impacted by the date range selected above. Hold your cursor over the section to get specific details regarding how many leads have entered the system in the last 30 days for each category. 

Key Performance Indicator

The KPI section is a breakdown of company set targets and how your actual performance compares to the set target. In order to get the full details behind what calculations are being counted, hold your cursor over the name to reveal how the 'Actual' total is being calculated.

'Period' indicates the date range data is for ( Day, Week, Month )

'Actual' is the numbers produced by your location which is pulled from the Gymsales data. 

'Target' indicates the target number for your team to reach for that KPI

Trend' is a bar graph showing your current and previous period's ability to reach 'Target', hold your cursor over the bar to get further data on date and count. 

To add or adjust your current KPI options, navigate to Company Settings > KPI 

If you have further questions regarding this page, please feel free to reach out to the support team here for further details. 

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