Setting Sales Targets


GymSales gives you the ability to set Club and/or Salesperson Sales Targets for the month. When set, the Dashboard on the Newsfeed will illustrate whether the club or salesperson is on-track to achieve the EOM target. 

Firstly, you will need to create your Sales Targets within Company Settings. 

Step 1 - Open Company Settings
Step 2 - Open "Monthly Sales Targets"

Step 3 - Select your Scope to determine if this Sales Target will be designated for the entire company or a Salesperson and select the Month this will be tracked for. 

Step 4 - Insert your Target (Unit, Financial, Lead) for the month. 

Step 5 - Set your  Daily Distribution - % of you Weekly Target/Day

Monthly Sales Target of 80 Units / 4 Weeks = 20 Units Per Week. 
25% of 20 = 5 Sales (Monday)

GymSales can also calculate what productivity is required (Leads & Appointments) to achieve your Monthly Sales Target. 

To use this feature simply select "Track Activity Targets" whilst setting you Monthly Sales Target. You will need to determine what % of leads you expect Booked Appointments to be made (i.e - 60% of all leads entered converted to Appointments) and your Tour > Sale % (i.e - what % of Appointments should convert to Sales). 

We use Enquiry : Tour % (rather than Contact : Appointment) as you could, in theory, speak to a lead multiple times which will reduce your Contact : Appointment ratio.

This will then display how many leads (Enquiries) you need to generate at each point throughout the month and how many Tours you should be on at that point throughout the month to ensure you and your teams are on track. 

We suggest looking at an average as a club (over a 3 month period) in the Salespersons Report for this data. 

Moving forward staff will be able to identify whether the club is on track to achieve it's EOM target. 

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