Adding Google Sheets Leads to GymSales via Zapier


The following will guide you through the process of adding leads from a Google Sheet into Gymsales. This can be done by emailing it to the corresponding GymSales account, using the GymSales Zapier App or (more advanced) by using the GymSales API.


1. First, you will need to create a Google Sheet (if you have one already, even better) with column headers for all of the lead information you want to be added into GymSales. (In row 1, the most used columns would be First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone, Email, Contact Method, Marketing Source, Tags, Birthday).

2. Next, in Zapier, you would create a new zap by clicking 'Create Zap' at the top of your Zap folder. You will add a trigger, with Google Sheets as the app. Next, choose New Spreadsheet row. 

3. You will now add your Google Sheet account to Zapier and continue. On the next page, you will choose the spreadsheet you created, and then the worksheet(if you created a new sheet just for this, you can leave workbook blank, as it is optional.

4. After continuing, you will see a sample pulled from the sheet. It helps if you have at least one row filled out below the headers so Zapier can pull it in to make sure it's working.

5. Next, add a filter to ensure only leads with email and phone number get added to GymSales. Add a step and choose filter. Then, add one email address, click the "OR" operator, and add one for phone number. It should look like this:

6. Next, we need the action for this step (Sends Lead Data to GymSales)

Email Lead into GymSales 

       On the left, choose "add an action". Use the search bar to look up your email provider (most common is Gmail) and select it.

Select ‘Send Email’ and then ' Continue'

 Next, you will need to add your account info into Zapier so that it can send emails to GymSales.

On the ‘Customize Email’ page, Enter the 'To' address GymSales Mailbox address found at Company Settings > Inbound Emails within GymSales. 

Enter the 'From' address, will allow you to choose the mailbox address or create an alias.  

 Enter Email Subject:

GymSales only supports inbound lead emails through plain text, HTML emails will not be processed. Enter the fields that correspond to the columns from the Google Sheet (First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone, Email, Contact Method, Marketing Source, Tags), once completed click 'Continue'

Under ‘Send Data', select 'Test & Review' to send the test data to GymSales. 

You should receive a ‘Test was successful’ message, select ‘Finish’ to complete the Zap.

Once completed and confirmed that the lead was successfully sent to GymSales with all fields in place.

If successful, turn on the Zap so the process is automated going forward.

GymSales Zapier App

GymSales now partners with Zapier and offers an official app. This eliminates the need for a third-party application such as Gmail from handling your lead data and offers expanded functionality for sending data to multiple sites with the assistance of a lookup table. Further details behind how this can be accomplished can be found at the following link


Connecting to GymSales via API is not an easy task for those without the knowledge or available resources. For further instructions on our Rest API and your locations API credentials, feel free to reach out to our support team

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