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GymSales now Partners with Zapier to bring you an official app that allows you to Create a Person (Lead), Create an Appointment, Add a Tag, Create a Note, Opt Leads Out of Email/SMS in GymSales or Search for leads by Phone Number or Email address. The application is a further resource to assist our clients with getting their lead data from outside sources and into GymSales for their staff to follow up with. Below is an example of how to configure a Zap to move leads into GymSales. 

To use the GymSales Zapier app

1. Configure your trigger step (ex. Facebook, Clickfunnel, Landing Page, Google Sheet) to send information to Zapier as it becomes available

2. Once the trigger step is completed, you can move onto selecting GymSales as the action step. Select Create Person and select Continue

3. Insert the API Credentials ( Provided by the GymSales Support Team)

-Once you have the API credentials in place, select Continue

4.  Customize Person (Map the fields from the Trigger to the fields in the Action to send the information to GymSales)

- Connect to your Company (if you have multiple locations you will need to do a lookup table and 'Use a Custom Value' directions at the end of the help article)  

- Map the fields from the trigger step (first part of the Zapier, IE: Facebook, Acuity) to the available fields under Customize Person. Keep in mind that not all fields will need to be configured but you can use what is available. Minimally required are First name, Contact Method, and at least one form of contact detail (email or phone number) 

  •          Full Name ( Full name vs. First and Last name will be used depending on how the data comes across from the trigger)
  •          First Name
  •          Last Name
  •          Mobile Phone Number
  •          Email Address
  •          Home Phone Number
  •          Work Phone Number
  •          Address
  •          City
  •          State
  •          Zip
  •          Contact Method (How the lead contacted the company, in this setting, it will most likely always be Internet)
  •          Marketing Source (used to identify the source of inquiry such as an event name, website landing page, or other labels such as Facebook, Acuity, InfusionSoft, etc..)
  •          Tag List 
  •          Notes
  •          Gender
  •          Birthday
  •          Referred by Name
  •          Salesperson Name (Must already exist in GymSales)
  •          Referred by Phone Number
  •          Referred by Email
  •          External ID (This is an optional field to reference a 3rd party system. If used it must be unique across all sites the API user has access to)

Send the test through to confirm it looks how you want in GymSales


For Multi sites (Advanced - GymSales Staff can help!) 

**Location must be present in the trigger data you're using to capture leads/appointments** 

**Location in this step needs to be in the exact same format as the Locations listed in your Action step, not what the location name is in GymSales**

1.. Before creating the step of 'Action' 'GymSales' select 'Formatter' to create a lookup table via the 'utilities' 

3. Select 'Transform' - and select Lookup Table

The lookup key will need to point to the field that captures the location name

Input the company_id's to match with the location name 

Note* Company_ids can be found under the Company field within the Action Step for the GymSales App. 

Click Continue and send test to Formatter by Zapier

Then when using the GymSales action you can grab the results from this step 

Company - > use Custom Value and Utilities 

Now your capture form will automatically create the leads/appointments into the right location! 

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