Capturing Leads From Your Website

Lead Capture from Website Forms

GymSales can capture lead information from your website forms or landing pages. 

Typically, forms using WordPress plugins or other form tools can send email notifications for lead submissions. This notification can be directed to your GymSales Mailbox, which will enable those leads to flow directly into GymSales. Your location's 'Mailbox' can be found by navigating to: Company Settings > Inbound Emails.

Configuring the Email Notification

For best results, use the following best practices when configuring the email notification.

  • Ensure your emails are in plain text. GymSales does not currently support HTML emails.
  • Below is an example of the readily accepted format that GymSales will parse. Please ensure that your emails meet this format.
  • If you are unable to meet the format, the support team should be able to parse what is provided as long as it is consistent. In this case, please email the helpdesk with the details of your request.

Accepted Format Example

The following is an example of the accepted format.

Name: Tristan Alexander
Phone:  415 919 2932
Email:  [email protected]
Address: 22 Test St
Source: Website Campaign
Tags: Interested in Weightlifting, Needs to lose weight, some awesome
Email Opted Out: Yes or No
SMS Opted Out: Yes or No

Note: The Email Opted Out and SMS Opted Out lines are optional.

  • If these lines are included, a Yes value for the field will opt the lead out of this communication method, and a No will opt them in.
  • If these lines are not included, the leads will be opted in by default unless otherwise configured in the Company Settings.

Based on the Accepted Format Example above, the lead would then appear in GymSales like this:

Inbound Leads Not Being Received?

Inbound emails can be reviewed in the Inbound Emails section of the Company Settings. For more information, see the Inbound Emails help article.

After something more Advanced?

GymSales has a Zapier App. Zapier is an integration platform to help connect systems together without code. For more information, see the Zapier App help article.

We also have an API available. If you want to use this approach, contact [email protected] and we'll get you set up!

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