Inbound Emails


Inbound Emails is where all of your newly-delivered email messages appear. The two most common email messages delivered here are incoming emails received from your leads and lead information captured from your online sources (website, landing pages, API, etc.).

The most common reasons you'll need to access Inbound Emails are:

  • Finding the inbound email address for your account.
  • Identifying errors in capturing lead information.
  • Testing lead information capturing from your online sources.

Viewing Inbound Emails

To view Inbound Emails, click  User Menu > Company Settings.

In the Company settings menu, click Inbound Emails.

The following is an example of the Inbound Emails section. Each numbered area is described below.

1. Shows the type of inbound emails. (Active vs. Deleted)

2. GymSales location email address. (Send lead captured information to this email address.)

3. Filter inbound emails by status.

Default - All Emails.
Imported - Lead information imported successfully.
Duplicate - Lead information already exists in GymSales (email and/or phone number).
Error - Inbound email failed to enter GymSales.
This occurs for two common reasons:
(1) An email response failed to deliver to a lead's profile because the From address does not exist in GymSales. This typically occurs when the email address has been deleted or altered in GymSales.
(2) Inbound lead information emails can fail to parse if the format of the email is not in the readily-accepted format or has changed from its previously parsed format. If this is the case, you will either need to meet the accepted format found HERE, revert the changes made to the incoming format, or contact the Help Desk HERE for further assistance with parsing the new format.
Spam - The inbound email was marked as Spam, indicating that it is an unsolicited message.

4. Date of when the email was received.

5. The subject of the email.

6. Status of the email.

The checkmark indicates that the email was routed to the lead's profile as an Incoming message or was an Inbound lead information email that was 'Imported' successfully as a new lead. 

This icon indicates that the email is a duplicate lead submission. These duplicate attempts will be noted in the history of the profile as a duplicate lead submission. 

The yield sign Indicates that the email did not parse correctly and did not enter the application Please reach out to the support team HERE for further assistance.

7. Click on the subject name to view the email. Usually used when testing lead capturing from online sources.

8. Action items for the email.

The counter-clockwise circle icon will allow you to attempt to reimport the email. This option can be used after a correction is made to allow a previously errored email to import successfully. 

This down arrow icon will allow you to manually import the file and insert the minimally required information on failed lead imports when missing. The information that is parsed correctly from the email will automatically populate in the corresponding fields. 

The trash bin icon will delete the email. Once deleted, the emails cannot be retrieved in GymSales.

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