What Is Lead Status

The GymSales Lead Status is one of the key concepts of the software. You can view a person's Lead Status easily on their Client Profile. Here are some of the most important reasons to keep a person's Lead Status up to date: 

  • Base your automated emails, text messages, and reminders on where your lead is in the sales process.
  • Segment your leads based on their lead status and prioritize your outreach.
  • Nurture or remarket to people who are not ready to purchase.
  • Utilize leads who have purchased as a channel to get referrals.

Read more about best practices for updating Lead Status here.

Lead Status is a fixed value (can't be changed) assigned to each lead that tells us where the lead is within the sales process. There are 5 fixed lead status stages. Throughout the entire sales process, a lead will fall into one of these stages:

  • Enquiry
  • Tour
  • Trial
  • Sale
  • Not Interested

New leads will typically start in the Enquiry stage and eventually move its way down to either a Sale or Not Interested. Only update a person's Lead Status when they are moving to the next stage, otherwise, it's possible that the lead may receive the wrong communication (whether by automated messaging or manual communication). Lastly, a lead can only move further down the sales funnel and not backward. The only exception would be if they are a member (Sale) that cancels and needs to be moved back to the top of the funnel (Enquiry).

For example, a lead can go from an Enquiry to a Tour, but not from a Tour to an Enquiry. However, a lead can skip stages, ie. Enquiry to a Sale. 

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