How to create a user?


We understand how important it is to have your employees, consultants, or agencies to have access to and be able to update your database so that you have a uniform and comprehensive system. As a result, we haven't placed restrictions on the number of user accounts that you are able to create, inclusive of your subscription, and encourage you to create users for everyone who will require access to your GymSales account.

Below you'll find instructions to guide you through the process whether you prefer to watch and follow along or use written instructions as a guide, we've got you covered.

1. Go to your Company Settings, which is located underneath your user dropdown.

2. Then select Users from your Company Settings menu.

3. This will take you to an overview of your current users. Click Add New User to begin the creation process.

4. Then, you'll need to complete the required fields such as role, settings, password, working time, and site access.
If you're uncertain about what these functions are and what they do, please see our handy breakdown for you below. For additional information for site access and managing multiple location access use the following link

5. Once completed, click Save to retain your changes. 

Detailed Breakdown

Role (User Permissions)

  • Salesperson Restricted: Can only modify clients or view reporting for clientele that have been assigned to them. The logic behind this restricted view also extends to include appointments, notes, calls, tasks, etc. So, if you have a team of Salesperson Restricted users, you'll need to ensure that a user with Salesperson level user access (or higher) assigns them leads as required.

    In line with their restricted access type, they will not be able to access or change Company Settings.
  • Salesperson: Salesperson level users, however, can modify any client within your database in GymSales. Although, just like your Salesperson Restricted users, they will not be able to access or change Company Settings.
  • Club Manager: Club Manager access will also provide the user with the ability to modify any client. But, due to the added responsibility, they'll also have the ability to view and amend the Company Settings.
  • Regional Manager: Regional Managers have the highest user access level, so they'll have the ability to access the Company Settings and modify clients.
    However, Regional Manager users do not appear as a member of the team to be assigned leads, or shown in calendar/filters, etc. So, it is important to determine whether this level will suit the needs of the user that you're creating.

Enable Desktop Notification: Checking this box will allow banners to appear on the upper, right-hand corner of your screen when incoming leads, emails, or text messages are received.

Hide User In Calendar: This function can be used if you don't want the user to appear in the GymSales Calendar.
This is most commonly used when there is a user login account for the front desk, for example.

Skip Confirmation By Email: Checking this box will allow you to create a password for the user. If the box is left unchecked, the user will receive an email to create their own password and validate their user account.

Working Time: This is where you can set the work schedule of the user.* This will determine the hours that an appointment can be booked on a Salesperson's calendar.
For example: If a salesperson sets their Working Time from 9am to 5pm, appointments are only available during those hours.

*This is optional as some users may not have a set schedule.

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