Creating Email Signature

You can create an email signature by adding a template in the Company Settings. 

1. Go to  Company Settings

**Note: Only Users with Club Manager or Regional Manager access level ("Role" type) will be able to access Company Settings. If you are unable to access Company Settings, please request the creation of the signature template by a member of your team with Club or Regional Manager access, or request a change in access level if needed.

2. On the admin panel select Templates.

3. Click Add New Templates.

4. New template editor will appear.

5. Type: Select Email.

6. Category: Select all possible categories: Enquiry, Tour, Trial, Sale, Not Interested

3. Description: [Your Name] Email Signature

4. Subject: Label the Template clearly as an email signature. When using the Template, you'll want to edit the Subject line before sending (see section "Using the Email Signature Template").

ex. "My Club - Email Signature"

5. Template: Type your signature here. You can click on the image icon to include pictures or logos. You can also use Merge Fields to dynamically update the signature to the correct staff member each time it's used, so you don't have to make a separate template for each user individually.

Example of typing in entire signature (static information)

Example of creating the Template with Merge Fields. These fields will dynamically update each time the template is used; the fields will populate "salesperson"/user information depending on: 1) who is the Assigned Salesperson on a particular lead's Client Profile or 2) if there is no Assigned Salesperson for the lead, who is logged into GymSales and using the Template.

6. Click Save.

7. Your Signature template will appear.

How To Add An Image

1. Click on the image icon in the new template editor.

2. The Image Properties will appear.

3. Click Browse Server.

4. The Files Manager will appear.

5. Click Upload.

6. Select the file of the picture you want to use.

7. Click on the image you want to use.

8. Adjust the size of the image, click Ok.

9. Your image will appear.

Using the Email Signature Template

When sending an email message to a lead, select the signature template you've created. Notice the Subject Line on the email. 

Edit the message body (the "Text" window) by typing your email content above the signature. Note that you cannot use more than one Template at once. Make sure to also revise the subject line to match the content of your email before sending the email!

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