Email Verification

A critical component of any successful email campaign is email hygiene! Ensuring your emails are being delivered to all members and leads is a top priority. To help you maintain good list hygiene, we will suppress email addresses that cannot be verified.

What is Email Suppression?

Email suppression means that email addresses that have been flagged as  Undeliverable or  Do Not Send cannot be emailed from GymSales. 
An email address may be marked as Undeliverable or Do Not Send because of a misspelling, like "" instead of "," or the email address may not exist. An expanded list of suppression reasons and their descriptions are provided in the following table. 
Reason Description
unknown_provider The MX (mail exchange) provider is an unknown provider.
no_mx / No MS host found The recipient domain does not have a valid MX host.  Note: this reason will be consolidated to only “no_mx” in the future.
high_risk_domain Information obtained about the domain indicates it is high risk to send email to.
subdomain_mailer The recipient domain is identified to be a subdomain and is not on our exception list. Subdomains are considered to be high risk as many spammers and malicious actors utilize them.
immature_domain The domain is newly created based on the WHOIS information.
tld_risk The domain has a top-level-domain (TLD) that has been identified as high risk.
mailbox_does_not_exist The mailbox is undeliverable or does not exist.
mailbox_is_disposable_address The mailbox has been identified to be a disposable address. Disposable address are temporary, generally one time use, addresses.
mailbox_is_role_address The mailbox is a role based address (ex. support@…, marketing@…).
catch_all The validity of the recipient address cannot be determined as the provider accepts any and all email regardless of whether or not the recipient’s mailbox exists.
long_term_disposable The mailbox has been identified as a long term disposable address. Long term disposable addresses can be quickly and easily deactivated by users, but they will not expire without user intervention.
failed custom grammar check The mailbox failed our custom ESP local-part grammar check.

What are the Benefits of Email Verification?

A clean email list is a critical component of any email campaign, and aside from making sure your messages are being delivered to your members and leads, there are a number of benefits.

  • Improved campaign stats – Removing invalid emails will make your campaign statistics more accurate. This includes lowering the bounce rates of your emails and enhancing conversion rates.
  • Better sender reputation – This is a score that an Internet Service Provider assigns to organizations that send emails. A higher score will increase the likelihood of email deliverability into an in box instead of being sent to spam.
  • Saving money – By removing invalid emails, you will lower the mailing costs associated with Bulk Email campaigns.

How will I Know if an Email Address is Suppressed?

On the member or lead's profile, the following information will indicate if an email address has been suppressed.

  1. It will contain a message explaining why the email was suppressed.
  2. The email address will be flagged as Email Suppressed.
  3. A corresponding note will be displayed in the member or lead’s History.

An example is shown below.

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