Zapier - Connecting Facebook Lead Ads to GymSales


Comfortable with technology? You can build your own integrations with Facebook Lead Ads to import lead information into GymSales automatically with the assistance of Zapier.


1. You'll need an active Lead Ad

 If you are unsure of how this is done, please follow the link to the Facebook Help Center for further assistance. Creating a FB Lead Ad

2. Admin Access 

Ensure that you have admin access to the Facebook page for the Lead Ads you would like to connect to Zapier. You can verify if you have access to the page by clicking the drop-down arrow on the top right-hand side of the screen and viewing if the page appears in the 'Your Pages' section (as pictured below).

GymSales Tip:

* If you do not have admin access to this page, you will run into issues when attempting to connect your Lead Ads within the 8th step. 

3. Open Zapier

By navigating to and log in. Create a Zap by either using the '+' sign on the top left-hand side of the dashboard

or if in a folder, can select the 'Create Zap' above your Zap listing. 

4. Name your Zap

This can help you with easily locating the Zap in the future for any changes, errors, etc...

To change the name click on 'Name your zap' and replace the text

Configure a 'Trigger'

5. Select the Trigger  

This step will pull the information as it becomes available from your source, in this case, Facebook Lead Ads.  Choose your application by utilizing the search bar or select it from the listing below if available.

6. Select your  'Trigger Event'

This option will determine what event triggers information to flow through this step. The Facebook Lead Ads app only has a single event (New Lead) since only lead information is captured.
Select Continue once completed

7. Choose Account 

Add your Facebook Lead Ads account to this step by using the “Add a New Account” option

This will link the Facebook account you are currently logged into (which is why it’s important to ensure that you are logged into the account your are currently configuring), and populate the default name of the account in the field. 

GymSales Tip:

*If you are looking to have multiple Facebook accounts linked with different zaps, we highly recommend renaming the account linked to allow you to differentiate between access. This is done by selecting the “Edit Accounts” link to the upper right of the field Facebook Lead Ads account (an example is in the image above). Then, finding and renaming the account as per the image below

Once this has been done, please select Continue to proceed.

8. Customize Lead

Select the 'Page' you would like the Leads to come from.. Then select the Lead Ads form that will funnel leads through this trigger. 

GymSales Tip:
*If you would like all forms coming through this single step, all forms will need to have the same form fields selected. i.e. first name, last name, email, phone number, etc. If they have different fields, you will need to set up a separate Zap for each Lead Ad form you would like to integrate.
*If the page is not listed you may need to select “Check Facebook Lead Ads & reload to bring in new choices or double-check that you have admin access to the Lead Ad page before you try again.

Once you have selected, select Continue to proceed.

9. Test Trigger

It is important to test your steps to ensure that they’re functioning correctly. To finalize this step we will need to 'Test Trigger', to pull lead data to map the form fields in the 'Action' step to send to GymSales.  

GymSales Tips:

* FB Lead Ads will provide you with a dummy record if no actual lead data exists for your  Lead Ad. Do not map the dummy account as you want the actual fields that should be mapped to com across. 

To submit a Lead Ad test you will need to use this link Then, select the page and form before clicking 'Preview form'  and submitting a test lead. 

If there is already a lead submitted (including the dummy) you will need to select the Delete Lead button and refresh before submitting a test.

Once you have submitted the test lead, return to your Zap and select 'Test Trigger' to pull the new data in. If you have already done this and need to refresh the data, click on the 'Lead' field, and select 'Load More'. Then select your test account submitted and select 'Continue'

Configure the 'Action' Step

10.GymSales Zapier App

Search for the GymSales application and select it to proceed.

Then choose the  'Action Event' of 'Create Person' and then Continue 

11.Link your API credentials 

 Reach out to the support team to get your API credentials to connect Zapier to your GymSales location(s). Your GymSales log in information will not work here. 

12. Choose Your Company

Once the account has been linked, we will need to select the company from the drop-down listing pictured below. This location is where your Lead Ad responses will flow into. If your company is not available in the listing, please reach out to our support team to resolve the issue. 

13. Map the Lead Information to Import into Gymsales

This portion of the app contains the fields that can be mapped to the trigger information from the lead ads. 

The fields chosen to map will depend upon the Lead Ad fields you have created. Map the fields with the GymSales app that best corresponds to the trigger responses.

Example: There are three fields for the name -  full name, first name, and last name. If your form asks for full name as a single field this should be mapped as full name within the Zapier app and vice versa, if the field asks for first name and last name as two different responses.

Repeat this process for the other fields in line with how you would like them to appear within GymSales.

Contact Method
Zapier will default the Contact Method to 'Internet'. The Contact Method is the channel in which the lead has been generated. GymSales Contact Methods are hardcoded so only the listed Contact Methods can be used. The recommendation would be to leave most as 'Internet' as they likely originated from online forms.

Marketing Source
 Marketing sources can be used to further single out where a lead came from. GymSales Marketing Sources are customizable and will be created in Gymsales if they do not already exist. The recommendation is to map the trigger fields such as 'ad name' or 'campaign name' if they exist but can be mapped to any field that can be considered a source. If this Zap is mapped to a single campaign and no trigger field in place will work, you can create a static source and manually enter a source in the field. All leads imported via this Zap will have this source in place in Gymsales when imported.

Manually Entered Source

Mapped Source:


Tags can also be mapped from the trigger fields or manually entered to further filter your lead in Gymsales. This can allow you to do things such as filtering your leads within the People tab to send bulk message campaigns to targeted audiences or just work with a list of Gymsales leads with specific interests. 


The notes field is a fantastic place to map comments from lead responses such as What’re your goals? Etc. To map these you’ll just need to select the icon to reveal the drop-down and populate the fields which you’d like displayed as notes on GymSales.

Completing your Zap

14. Test and Enable

Once fields are mapped,  select Continue to get to the Send Data section of the Zap.  Verify that the fields all have the correct mapping in the listing before selecting Test and Review or Test and Continue. Both will submit the lead to GymSales however, Test and Review will allow you to confirm if the step was successful while Test and Continue will move forward to the next step. 

Review your record within GymSales to confirm if the records were created successfully and with all data in the right fields. If not you will need to go back into the Zapier and make the changes necessary before retesting.  Once your Zap is configured, be sure to turn on the Zap before stepping off the record so your leads feed into GymSales automatically from Facebook. 

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