Do Not Call List

GymSales currently supports integration with Do Not Call lists in United States, Australia and Canada.

Why do I need to check the Do Not Call List?

As a business, if you call a number where the person has not provided this themselves with the expectation of a call, this is considered an unsolicited phone call and will fall under the Do Not Call regulations in most countries.   In Gym situation, this applies to Referrals  (unless you are cold-calling out of the phone book!)

How does the Do Not Call check work in GymSales?

When a referral is entered, instead of their number showing immediately, we'll show Do Not Call check-in progress The check takes a few seconds, When it's completed you'll see the below information in the client profile.

Number on the list

Number is not on the list

We also re-check the list if the number is changed for a referral.

Further Information on Do Not Call
Your company will require a separate subscription to access these Services. This needs to be discussed with your GymSales Account manager.  Subscription fees are payable to relevant government agencies.

United States:

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