Technical Support

So you're having issues with GymSales? 

To ensure we are able to investigate the root cause of the issue as soon as possible for you we will need you to complete the following steps then send us the results. 

Step 1 - Select the 3 dots on the right-hand side of your browser (in Chrome)

Screen-Shot-2019-07-12-at-6-06-49-pm.pngStep 2 - Select "More Tools" then "Developer Tools"
Screen-Shot-2019-07-12-at-6-08-09-pm.pngStep 3 - You will see something like this.
Screen-Shot-2019-07-12-at-6-09-17-pm.pngCan't see this? Ensure "Console" is selected in the Toolbar.Screen-Shot-2019-07-12-at-6-17-42-pm.pngStep 4 - Go to the page where the issue is located (Client Profile, News Feed, Calendar etc.)
Screen-Shot-2019-07-12-at-6-17-34-pm.pngStep 5 - Click "Refresh" or you can also select Control > F5 on your keyboard (Windows), or Command > R (Mac)

Step 6 - Attempt to replicate the issue

Step 7 - Once replicated, screenshot the console (so we can see the errors) and reply to this email with the screenshot attached.

Sending us your Browser:

We will also need to identify some information on your Browser. Simply follow this link and send us the results

Sending us your Extensions:

Follow Step 1 and then select "Extensions"

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