Restrict an Android Tablet to the GymSales Guest Waiver App


An Android tablet can be made into a "kiosk" device - a tablet restricted to one specific app, in this case the GymSales Guest Waiver App. This Android Tablet setting is called App Pinning. When activated the only way to exit the app is to enter a PIN, pattern or password.

Guided Settings

Turn on Screen Pinning

  1. Open your device Settings app

  2. Scroll down and then tap Security & Location
  3. Within the Security & Location screen tap Advanced
  4. This will now drop down to reveal further options. Now you will need to select Screen Pinning
  5. Turn on Screen Pinning by tapping the button indicated below

Pin A Screen

After turning on screen pinning;

  1. Open the GymSales Guest Waiver App
  2. Swipe up to the middle of the screen to open Overview OR to reveal the icon bar at the bottom of the screen and select Overview (depending on the Android version you are using)

  3. At the top of the image, tap the app icon to open a drop-down menu

  4. Tap the pin to enable App Pinning

  5. Once this has been completed you will be notified that the screen is pinned and provide you with indication on how to Unpin

Unpin A Screen 

  1. On the pinned screen, swipe up to reveal the icons at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Then touch and hold Back and Home (or Overview) at the same time (depending on the version of Android which you are using)

  3. If you chose to be asked for your PIN, pattern or password before unpinning you will need to enter it before you are able to utilise other functions
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