Bulk Uploading Leads: Import from CSV


Uploading your client database into GymSales is made easy by using our CSV Importing function. This can be found within your People tab and is a simple method that allows you to create leads within GymSales and retain a whole range of important information.

The Steps

1. Prepare your CSV File

First things first: the file must be in a CSV UTF-8 format. 

You must also ensure that the phone numbers in place are just numerical characters and do not have any special characters including spaces.


(915) 555-1234

If you are working with a large file, it is best to split it up to make the upload run faster. We recommend running files no bigger than 2000 records at a time. There are multiple services online that can assist with splitting your existing file; we use http://filesplit.org/.

The fields that we can import are as follows:

    • First Name
    • Last Name 
    • First Name Last Name
    • Last Name First Name
    • Mobile Phone
    • Home Phone
    • Work Phone
    • Email
    • Address
    • City
    • State/Prov
    • Zip/Postal
    • Tags
    • Notes
    • Marketing Source
    • Contact Method
    • Created Date
    • Status
    • Salesperson
    • Trial Start Date
    • Trial End Date
    • Sale At
    • External ID
    • SMS Opted Out 
    • Email Opted Out

To indicate the SMS or Email Opted Out status, you can enter any of the following values.

To Opt OUT, enter any one of the following values:

To Opt IN, enter any one of the following values:

2. Begin the Upload Process

Once your files are ready to go you can begin the upload process by using the Import from CSV option, which is found within the People tab.
If this button isn't visible, please reach out to our Support Team via this link.Stage 1: Choose File

Locate the file on your computer and then click Next.

Stage 2: Match Columns

Once you've uploaded the list, you'll need to ensure that your column headers have matched up correctly with the available, import fields.
If they haven't automatically matched, you can go through and manually indicate the appropriate field by clicking the corresponding drop-down and selecting the correct field.

Stage 3: Review 

Check your CSV upload. This will flag any errors such as people without at least one form of contact information, invalid contact information, and duplicates.
If you have existing prospects for which you were looking to update information or add a tag, please download the duplicates list and send this through to our Support Team here.

Stage 4: Finalise 

Once you've gone through the first three (3) stages, you must finalize your CSV upload. This screen provides you with further options to update any prospects who may be missing data, trigger specific Automated Items, or export to Membership Software.

  • Show the New Lead Indicator (Not suggested for importing a large number of records) 
  • Apply available Automated Items if required
  • Export to your Membership Software (If applicable)
  • Tag to everyone

3. Populate Missing Data

Only use the following fields if they are not included in the import file.

  • Apply a Contact Method to everyone
  • Apply a Marketing Source to everyone
  • Salesperson to everyone
  • Created Date for everyone

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