What Is Next Call

One of the most common issues in sales is when leads fall through the cracks. Managers lose track of who needs to be followed up or don't have the time or resources to keep their prospect spreadsheets up to date.

The Next Call page is a simple report that shows a list of live leads who are slipping through the cracks. The leads on this list meets these criteria:

  • Their lead status is Enquiry, Tour, or Trial
  • These leads do not have a future call scheduled or an appointment booked in the future

Click on the header to sort each column.

Client Profile
Name of the lead

Days Since Entered
When the lead first inquired or was added into GymSales

Spoke to
The number of times a person was spoken to from a call

Unsuccessful Calls
The number of times a call was made with an outcome of no answer or left message

The number of emails sent or received

The number of text messages sent or received

Days Since Last Call
The number of days since a salesperson made a call to the lead

Contacts In Last 4 Hours
The number of phone calls made with an outcome of spoke to within the last 4 hours

Filter leads by Salesperson

Filter by tags

Click to view the number of entries

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