How To Read The Salesperson Multi Club Report

This report shows salesperson activity and conversion metrics across all locations.


This report only shows data for leads who's status is Enquiry, Tour, Trial, or Not Interested. Calls made to a lead who's status is Sale will appear in the Service Calls field.

If no salesperson is assigned, the call attempt goes to the person logged in. If a salesperson is assigned, it applies to the salesperson.

1. Go to the Reports tab.

2. Click on Salespersons

3. Salesperson report will appear.

4. Click on the Report type and select Multi Club Salesperson.

5. The Multi Club Salesperson report will appear.

Filter Allows you to change date range and options for the report

Download Will create an Excel file of the report. Clicking on many (not all) of the column headings will sort the data in the table 

User Name: Users with the Role of Club Manager, Salesperson, and Salesperson Restricted appear in this column. Regional Managers do not.

New Leads - Number of inquiries - excluding referrals - assigned to the salesperson during the filtered date range. To see the Number of Referrals, see the Referrals From POS and Referrals Per Sale columns.

Contact Attempts - Number of phone calls attempted to people in the status of Enquiry, Tour, or Trial

Contact - Number of spoke to phone calls for people in the status of Enquiry, Tour, or Trial

Appointments (A1) - Number of appointments booked on the same day (from when the call was completed)

Appointments (A2) - Number of appointments booked the next day (from when the call was completed)

Appointments (A3) - Number of appointments booked after the 2nd day (from when the call was completed)

Total Appointments Booked 
Number of appointments scheduled

Contact to Appointment Ratio
Number of appointments booked divided by number of contact

Appointments Today
Number of appointments on the schedule during the filtered time range

Show Up
Number of these Appointments with outcome Not No-Show  (they were Sale, No Sale, Trial)

Show Up
RatioNumber of people who showed up divided by the number of appointments booked

Appointment Sales
Number of sales from appointments

Appointment Close 
RatioNumber of sales from appointments divided by the total number of appointments

Walk Ins
Number of leads who's contact method is a walk-in

Walk Ins Sale
Number of sales from leads with a contact method of a walk-in

Walk In Close Ratio
Number of sales from walk-ins divided by total number of walk-ins

Total Sales
Total number of sales regardless of appointments or walk-ins

Total Close Ratio
Total number of sales divided by number of leads 

Personal Training Sold

Total number of personal trainings sold. This stat is only available to accounts who have this enabled

Referrals From POS

Number of New Leads created using the Add Referral option in GymSales 

Referrals Per sale
Number of referrals divided by the number of sales 

New Leads Today
Number of inquires during the filtered date range 

Service Calls
Number of calls with an outcome of spoke to for leads with a lead status of sale

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