How To Read The Multi Club Lead Status Report

1. Go to the Reports tab.

2. Click on the Lead Status Multi Club Report.

Lead Status Multi Club Report Overview

For companies with more than one location, this report shows new leads generated across all your locations. Like the lead status report, the filters are based upon the created date of the leads.

The data in this report can be viewed By Region (you can group your sites into regions by updating company settings - reporting region).

This grouping will show you each location and the channels that are driving leads.

Date Range: Leads who inquired during the time frame
Status: You can filter by lead status
Group by: You can filter by Contact Method or Region
Filter: You can filter to change the criteria
Download: Download the stats onto an excel file
Menu: Print or download as an image
Legend: You can click on the legend to add or remove lead statuses on the chart


Report Type: View by contact method or marketing source
Status: View by all or individual lead statuses
Group by: Group by Region or Contact Method
Tags: You can view lead statuses of specific tags

View by Region

View By Contact Method
ou can drill into marketing sources and location and see the current status of each lead and the closing percentage.

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