How Do I Add Users From Other Sites

If you have multiple locations and need to give an employee access to multiple sites, there are two ways to do this.

1. Add an Existing User to a new location

1. Go to  Company Settings.

2. Click  Users on the admin panel.

3. Click Add existing user

4. The Add existing user window will appear.

5. Type the name of the person you want to add in the search field.

6. Select the user and click  Add.

2. In User Settings, give the user access to multiple locations

1. Go to Company Settings.

2. Click  Users on the navigation panel.

3. Select the name of the User that you'd like to edit. Click the " Site Access" tab. Click the 'x' next to any location name to remove the User's access from that location. Click "Add Site" to give the User access to another site within your group.

4. Click the ' +' sign next to the location of interest to Grant Access to that location. Note: you must also have access to the site that you are adding this User to.

Click ' Save' when you are done making edits. The User that you've edited may need to refresh their browser in order to see the changes.

The User can now "Switch Accounts" to view and work in the other location.

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