How To Read The Marketing Report

GymSales's Marketing Report helps you measure the results of your marketing campaigns over time. With this information, you can use it to optimize your strategies. 

The marketing report shows results through two different areas, the contact method and marketing source. Within these two areas you can track:

  • Number of Leads Generated
  • Number of Sales Made
  • Closing Rate


The Marketing Report shows people who inquired or sold during the selected time frame.  This is different to the Lead Status report which only looks at the created date of the person.

1. Go to the Reports tab.

2. Click on the Marketing Report.

Marketing Report Overview

Date Range: Leads who inquired during the time frame
Tags: You can filter by tags
Filter: You can change the date range, report type (source or contact method), or filter by tags.
Download: Download the stats onto an excel file
Menu: Print or download as an image

Total Number Of Enquiries: Number of people (created or sold) during the timeframe
Number Of Memberships Sold: Number of sales
% Sold: Number of people enquired during the timeframe / sales.

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