Setting Up Automatic Appointment Reminders

An automated text message appointment reminder can be created in your company settings. This function will automatically send a text message reminder to your lead the day before their appointment. You can insert a merge field to personalize the person's name, company's name, and appointment time.

1. Go to  Company Settings.

2. Click Scheduler.

3. Click Add Appointment Reminder.

4. The New appointment reminder will appear. Complete the fields accordingly.

Frequency: When do you want to send the text reminder. (Recommended: Daily)
Time: Time of day the text message will send. 
Template: Insert message here, you can personalize the person's first name and appointment time.

Merge Fields 
  • First Name - [Person] 
  • Company Name – [Company]
  • Appointment Time - [Event.Start]
Hi [Person], We look forward to seeing you for our appointment tomorrow at [Event.Start] at [Company]!

5. Click Save.


It's recommended to set the reminder time for later in the day around 4 or 5pm so that any last minute bookings will receive an appointment reminder.

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