Creating Custom Forms

You can create customized forms on a web page that allows a potential lead to enter their contact information. The information captured is immediately sent to your GymSales account and notifies users through the new incoming lead indicator. Once the form is created, a URL will be created specifically for the form. You can copy and paste the URL onto a web browser on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You can create as many custom forms as you like.

One of the most common ways to use a custom form is at an event. Sales teams can stop using pen and paper to capture lead information and use smartphones/tablets to capture lead information. Internet service must be available to access the custom form.

1. Go to Company Settings.

2. Click Custom Forms.

3. Click Add New Form.

4. A New custom form window will appear.

5. Complete the applicable fields. In the fields section, to select, drag the field from the left column to the right column.

6. Click Save.

7. A dialog box will appear with the URL.

8. Click Close.

9. You can edit this form by clicking on the name.


Header: Name of the form
Header bg. color: Background color of the form.
Description: Brief summary of the form. This will be visible.
Success Message: The displayed message after the form has been completed.
Fields: Contact Information you want to capture. Double click the field to make it required, a star will denote this.
Contact: The contact method you want added for the leads captured from this form.
Source: The marketing source for you want added for the leads captured from this form.
Tag List: The tag you want added to the leads captured from this form.
Salesperson: The salesperson you want assigned to the leads captured from this form.
Comments field: A text box that allows the lead to enter any information.
Auto Refresh: The option to refresh the form after it's been completed.

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