Changing A User's Role/Permissions

Users with the role of Regional Manager or Club Manger are allowed to change the role's/permissions of other users. 

1. Go to  Company Settings.

2. Click  Users on the admin panel.

3. Click on the User's name.

4. Click on the Role field to view the drop down menu and select.

5. Click  Save


Role (User Permissions)

Salesperson Restricted: Can only modify people or view reporting assigned to them (including everything do with appointments, notes, calls tasks etc). Can not change company settings.

Salesperson: Can modify any people. Can not change company settings.

Club Manager: Can modify any people. Can change company settings.

Regional Manager: Can modify any people, but does not appear as a member of the team to be assigned leads or shown in calendar/filters etc. Can change company settings.

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